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North Two Five is a  team of professionals who are creative, innovative, and forward thinking. We take complicated tasks and deliver beautiful, workable solutions. Innovation and flexibility drive our search for the best technical solutions for our clients. Reliable results are always at the top our list when delivering to our clients!



We offer a variety of languages to code your next web or platform specific project including RoR, PHP, Java, .NET, Javascript frameworks, iOS, Android, and C++.


We build native apps for Android and iOS platforms.  You tell us your vision and we can design it, build it, and launch it.  Our solutions are turn key from beginning to end.

We have an extensive line of services like infrastructure support, quality assurance, project management, and online marketing.

World Class Talent

We have some of the greatest talent available. Our team is highly experienced and knows how to deliver world class products and services.  Most of our team have at least 5+ years experience in their area of expertise.  If it can be built, we can build it!

we can scale

We have scalable teams and infrastructure.  This means we can provide as many resources as you need to get your project done.

Create Results

In the end, you need a completed project.  We have a large scope of resources to make sure your project is completed.

Exceptional Collaboration

Our team of business analysists are some of the best in the industry.  We work hard to gather every detail so we can deliver exactly the product or service you want.

details are everything

Our processes are designed to get all the details from your team.  This is key to any successful project.


Communication is a high priority for us. We keep our clietns well informed throughout the entire process.

Mobile Apps

Have you ever had an idea for a mobile app but didn’t know where to start?  Do you have a mobile app you want to build right now?  We will take you from first steps to launching your mobile app and everything in between.

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